does your ex read your twitter and tumblr posts? i hope he sees that you love and miss him X by Anonymous

I’m sure he does. Knowing him that wouldn’t change anything.

what makeup do you use on your face, as in foundation, powder, concealer etc? your skin always looks flawless!! by Anonymous

I use the Nars concealer and a mac powder 😗 x

Hi I'm just starting 6th year and I go to the gym nearly everyday I know I won't be able to go as much this year but I think you were in the same position as me last year?? And your body stayed fantastic I was just wondering what you would bring to lunch and how to keep your shape when I'm only going to the gym about 3 times a week ps you are my idol and I look up to you in every way! by Anonymous

I didn’t pack a lunch that often and I do regret that! Bring lunch to school because mine only sold crap! Working out will be so good for you especially in 6th year. I wish you the best of luck and thanks so much darling xxx

I remember seeing you at wrights when I was about 14-15 and was so jealous of how stylish you were compared to the rest of the hunzos. still in love with your style since then. keep it up girl. if I'm not brave enough to pull off what you wear so I'm glad someone is ;) stay fab x by Anonymous

Aw this is too cute! 😂🙊 thanks gorgeous xxx


Devastee FW14
I remember when I first followed you, you had dark hair! You look so different now but beautiful as always! :) hope you're having a lovely day. ✌️ by cocaineteddybears

Aw so sweet! Thanks lovely. You too! Xx

If you had one wish, what would you wish for and why? xoxo by Anonymous

For a certain person to cop the fuck on before it’s too late.

do you not work in cos anymore? by Anonymous


Where do you work? by Anonymous

Folkster 👌

Rise and shine @americanapparelusa #aaselfie
Chillin with bae @kellieandrews_
Hey been noticing that you haven't been v happy lately and I know myself that a message from anyone even someone anonymous can really help. So I just wanted to say keep your chin up. I'm from Ireland too and so often we're surrounded by people who give in to the monotony of life but to me you seem like someone who is going to do something special. You're completely and utterly gorgeous and interesting and I'd love to get to know you but I'm a bit of a coward. I don't even know but just cheer up! by Anonymous

I really appreciate that! You’re very kind’ and I’d love to know more people like you. Thanks so so much for taking time out of your day to send me this ❤️ xxx

Do you have any friends in relationships that you think will last forever? by Anonymous

I thought I was that friend.

How did you get into retail? I'm dying to get into the sector but I never seem to do well enough in interviews although I KNOW I have got the determination in me to do well once I'm given the chance. I know more about fashion than alot of people! Loving your roll neck top in your previous post. Great style gal x by Anonymous

You have to be confident and tell them what they want to hear! Seriously. Show them how determined you are. If you’re doing an interview soon let me know and I’ll give you some tips xx

Do you have a new boyfriend now??? Can we see him?? Is he hotter/nicer than the last guy??? Love your insta and tumblr. So perf. xxoxx by Anonymous

Yeah I went and bought one. No. Sadly for me I’m very picky and when I like someone I give them everything I have. So no I don’t have a new boyfriend and I’m not sure if I ever want one again.